Can baby use a pillow?

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The concern with the comfort and safety of babies generates many doubts. When planning the layette, an item that raises a lot of questions is the pillow. In general, the crib kits bring those matching pillowcases and specialized stores offer several models, such as the soft ones, similar to our pillows, the animal ones, with a space in the middle, thinner ones and many other varieties.

A model that appears to be safe is anti-suffocating one, but pediatricians and specialists advise not to use any pillows until your baby is 12 months old. Give preference to the choice of a firm, flat mattress and the appropriate size for the cradle, avoiding possible accidents.

Why can’t newborns use the pillow?

We have the mistaken impression that babies need the same level of comfort as we do. This often leads us to place those smaller, soft pillows, similar to those of adults, in the crib as soon as the little ones arrive home.

Visually they are beautiful, but usually cause more serious consequences for babies’ development, they bring, yes, discomfort and even a high risk of suffocation. One reason is that the babies’ heads are still disproportionately larger in relation to their body size and the neck is not yet strong enough to support the muscle structure.

O risk of sudden death it also increases with the use of pillows, as it can hinder the correct passage of air. Likewise, those models with a hole in the middle make it difficult for the baby to turn his head to the side, in the case of regurgitation.

Again, even though they are beautiful, do not put pillows in the crib for newborns. The fewer things in the crib that can cause suffocation or risk, the safer it is for the baby. It is also important to pay attention the correct position for the baby to sleep.

When can the baby use the pillow?

The pillow can be placed in the crib from 12 months, however there are some considerations:

– thickness must not exceed 3 cm in height;

– the size must be ideal to fill the space between the mattress and the head;

– prefer antiallergic and with protection against mites;

– use breathable fabric. Prefer ones with holes in the middle.

From 12 months onwards, the child already has strong neck muscles and the ability to remove the pillow if he feels uncomfortable for some reason. Care must be taken to change the pillowcase and a textile that does not accumulate dust or propagate mold . Always keep it clean, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is convenient to pay attention at all times.


What is the ideal pillow?

After 12 months, the ideal pillow depends a lot on the baby’s needs and, later on, the child. Each model has special features, which suit what is needed.

The anti-suffocation type, mentioned above, is quite interesting because it has holes that facilitate breathing. There is the memory foam pillow, with anatomical shape. Anti-reflux, specific for babies who present this clinical situation, with a special inclination to facilitate digestion and breathing.

The key is to be attentive about the safety of your baby and that the place where he sleeps has the most pleasant environment possible, in order that his time of night sleep becomes a comforting and happy experience.

If you are still unsure whether the baby’s room is adequate, take our online sleep course and guarantee a good night for the entire family.



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