Can baby sleep in air conditioning?

Bebê pode dormir no ar condicionado

In some regions of the world, having an air conditioner at home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Often, the heat is so great that it is difficult to sleep without the help of this appliance to refresh the environment.

When you have a baby at home, is it safe and healthy for him to be in the same room with the device? To the contrary, the heat can make baby irritated, with rashes and make his night’s sleep equally complicated.

So, what to do then? Will turning off the air conditioning in the baby’s room make him unable to sleep well? Should I leave it on and put on lots of clothes on him to prevent him from catching a cold due to the cold air? What is the most correct thing to do?

The truth is that pediatricians and specialists approve the use of air conditioning on hot days, even more so than using a fan, which can circulate dust. However, there are some very simple rules to be followed so that the appliance does not harm your baby

Rules for the use of air conditioning

– Ask the pediatrician

Before buying an air conditioner, the first step is to ask the pediatrician if there are any restrictions on the use of the appliance in the baby’s room. Some babies are more sensitive than others, especially when newborn, so it is important to have the endorsement of the doctor.


– Ideal device for babies

Research special equipment and filters for babies. Some help fight bacteria and eliminate up to 99% of impurities from the air, have a low noise level, some of which are used as white noise and remove odors, among other functions.


– Install in a suitable place

Ideally, installation should be made on the wall opposite the cradle, away from the baby’s head, preventing it from being exposed directly to the air outlet. Likewise, check if the airflow does not hit the cradle directly.

Direct airflow to the baby can cause a greater drop in body temperature and result in colds, flu and serious breathing problems.


– Periodically perform device maintainance

As air filters work by removing impurities from the air, over time, this build-up can do the opposite, causing allergies. To avoid this, it is important to clean and preventively maintain the air conditioner every six months.

If the baby’s room already has air conditioning, remember to check that the filters are clean and that everything is working well before placing the baby in the crib.


– Always set it at the correct temperature

Even though it is very hot, a baby’s metabolism is different from that of adults, and babies cannot maintain the stability of their body temperature, so the recommended temperature for their room is between 24°C and 25°C.


– Beware of sudden temperature changes

Sudden changes in temperature can cause thermal shock or make the baby sick. Never take baby from a very hot environment to a very cold one. It is best to turn off the conditioner and wait for the room’s internal temperature to get close to the outside.

The same thing goes for after shower termperatures. Turn off the air conditioner and only turn it on after the baby has the drier hair and some clothes on, which can be light, but must protective.


– Wear protective clothing

To reinforce this, when the baby is in the room with the air conditioning on, it is good to wear heavier clothing, such as long-sleeved bodysuits and thin pants.


Beware of air humidification

Air conditioners tend to cause a certain dryness in the air and, consequently, in the baby’s airways. For this reason, try to leave a wet towel or a basin of water in the room to maintain humidity.

The use of a humidifier is also recommended, but caution is required, because, if used excessively, it can cause breathing problems. The good thing is to keep a balance in the amount of moisture.


– Don’t leave it on all night

Cool the room before placing the baby in the crib so that he can sleep more peacefully, then it is best to switch it off.


– Turn off during the day

Even for the sake of energy savings, during the day, open the windows for a while. Even if it is very hot outside, it is important that the baby’s room receives the warmth of the sun and fresh air, renewing the air.


Your baby can sleep well

Following these rules and your pediatrician’s recommendations, your baby can easily sleep in an air-conditioned room and be more comfortable during the hottest days.

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