Can a baby sleep with a cloth on its face?

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Baby cloths, known in Brazil as naninhas, are called by experts as “transitional” objects, which normally give a sense of security to the child at bedtime. They are used as a temporary surrogate for the parents during this brief moment of absence.

On the Internet, there are many videos teaching this technique to make the baby sleep and are successful in this process, which attracts the interest of mothers in using this aid to get a quiet night of sleep. Other mothers and grandmothers have the habit of leaving the cloth on the baby’s face, like as a palliative.

However, the question  is whether these accessories are really safe and how long they can be left in the crib or near the baby without offering any risk, especially when it comes to sudden death syndrome. Is there really a need to try little bottles, pans or pets in the baby`s first months of life?

Objects in the baby’s crib

Putting several cute objects in the crib is a very common habit, especially with the many options offered by the baby accessory stores , the many other articles published on the Internet and the talent of relatives such as aunts, grandparents and godparents in making these accessories.

Associated with the concern to ensure a certain comfort and fear that babies will hurt themselves or feel cold, many parents tend to fill the crib with cradle kits.

The main problem about this is that the more things inside the crib, the greater the risk of suffocation, since the baby still does not have the reflex to remove them if he feels uncomfortable.

The experts recommend keeping the crib free of any objects in the first 12 months of the baby’s life and using firm mattresses, avoiding very soft foams. What about pillows? These should also only be used after the baby’s first 12 months of life.

What about the blankets or quilts? They are also recommended as of 12 months. A tip is to use sleeping bags, which will keep the baby’s hands free and always put baby’s belly up, the best position against sudden death.


When should the baby have a baby cloth?

The baby cloth can be used as of 1 year of age.


What should transitional objects be like?

To be safe, the recommended objects should be slightly bulky, soft, without parts that come loose and be appropriate to each phase of the baby. Reinforcing, do not leave any object that may cause the baby to suffocate.

Another important factor is to use hypoallergenic material and, if possible, be able to wash periodically. A tip is to have a matching one just like it as a substitute or to dry it outdoors or in a dryer.


Most suitable methods to make the baby sleep

There are other ways to make the baby sleep without having to put textiles or cuddly objects inside the crib. Keeping the environment as pleasant and less bright as possible is one of the recommended ways.

Another way is to ask for help from a baby sleep specialist, who will guide you on how to make the baby sleep peacefully all night, creating a favorable routine for the whole family, making sleep nights into pleasurable moments.

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