Is it bad to let the baby sleep in your arms?

Bebê dormir no colo faz mal

Who doesn’t like to be held? With babies, it’s the same thing, even more so. The feeling of protection and warmth makes the baby have a sensation of well-being, and if it is close to the mother’s breast, even better. However, is putting the baby to sleep in a mother’s arms recommended or is it bad?

Studies have shown holding a baby in one’s arms, contrary to what many think, brings both affective and cognitive benefits, acting on health and development and influencing throughout life.

It has been observed that babies who were held by their parents in the first years of life and later on as children became gentler adults, with more empathy and are healthier.

Researchers have also proven that a mother’s or father’s holding the baby reassures him/her, reduces pain such as cramps, improves digestion, develops senses, prevents future diseases and helps in development.

However, there is controversy regarding lulling the baby in arms for bedtime, especially during night sleep. How should you deal with this situation?

The lulling can be part of the sleep routine

It has already been tested and confirmed by experts, as well as by thousands of mothers, that a sleep routine has positive results to condition babies to sleep for a period of up to 12 hours.

The routine involves certain actions, which demonstrate to the baby that it is being put to bed and that he has the ability to do it alone in the crib, in the room by him/herself.

Among some of these actions, a warm bath and activities that calm the baby are indicated. Perhaps, after the last meal, do not forget to burp the baby, if he is not sleepy yet, giving a little more time while singing or telling a story.

It is important that the baby sleep in the crib, not in the lap or arms. If, in the middle of the night, he wakes up in a place other than the one place where he slept, this might frighten him, and he might have trouble getting back to sleep. Now, if he sees himself in a place he’s familiar with, the tendency to resuming sleep on his own is greater.


What if the baby wakes up, can I hold him?

Babies like repetition. The sleep routine is something that should be done every night, without exception, even after the baby gets used to it and manages to sleep alone. The important thing is to insist and not give up in the face of mishaps along the way.

Since everything is a learning process, he can wake up crying at a certain time, even if you have followed the routine to the letter, putting him in the crib almost asleep.

At first, when this happens, go to the room, but do not immediately take him from the crib. Try to calm him up by getting close, talking, singing, cuddling, gradually walking away. If he still cries, make sure his diaper isn’t full or if there’s something bothering him.


Reasons that cause the baby want to be lulled at night

There are moments in the baby’s life that will make him wake up and cry at night, and maybe it’s important to hold him in your arms. Some of these are:

– cramps

– reflux

– diaper rash

– teething

– cold

– heat

– full diaper

– hunger

– colds or other illnesses

– stuffy nose or difficulty breathing

– excessive fatigue

When these problems arise, it really is very difficult to sleep and nothing like mom’s arms, and, why not, daddy’s, serving as a natural tranquilizer. Make sure it’s not something you can solve before picking him up from the crib, but don’t leave your crying baby alone.


Can the baby sleep in your arms at the daytime nap?

Naptime during the day can be difficult for some babies. They struggle with sleep and get annoyed. Having a routine for this moment helps a lot, but because it is of a shorter duration and is different from the conditions of night sleep. Lulling the baby or letting him fall asleep in your arms are steps that even contribute to this.

Observe the sleep signs of your baby and take the opportunity to start the daytime routine. The ideal is to put the baby to sleep when he is tired, and preferably let him always sleep in the same place. Remember that naps are essential for development and make the baby sleep better at night.


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