Advantages of the baby sleeping with the parents

Vantagens e desvantagens do bebê dormir com os pais

This is a subject that has been dividing parents, pediatricians, psychologists and specialists’ opinions about child sleep. After all, should the baby sleep together with the parents or should he sleep in his own bedroom, inside the crib?

Some professional support the use of a shared bed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) alerts about the high risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS) in babies that share beds with their parents. In a study published by the British Medical Journal shows that the fatal risk to babies is five times greater to those who share space with their parents. With so many distinct opinions, it is hard to tell what is the right thing to do and what is beneficial and safe to practice both for the children and for the parents.

To help in this decision, below some advantages and disadvantages of a shared bed are listed:

Advantages of the baby sleeping with the parents

One of the advantages suggested by a few mothers in sharing the bed with the baby is convenience when breastfeeding or giving the bottle, which is sometimes stressful and exhausting for the mother and, in many cases, also for the father who has to get up several times during the night to do it.

Another issue is the flexibility to attend the necessities of the baby, closely monitoring in case he throws up, coughs, cries and has respiratory problems.

Specialists point out that in a society where both parents work, co-sleeping is well recommended to reinforce the bond between parents and children, which would be the only time they would be together.


Shared bed precautions

If having a shared bed seems beneficial, it also requires a few precautions to avoid problems and reduce the risk of SIDS.

-The baby should be put to sleep facing up. The position recommended by doctors as the best one;

-The mattress should be firm and flat;

-Domestic animals cannot share or be in the bed;

-Never leave the baby alone in bed;

-Don’t use blankets and comforters;

-Be careful with excess clothing. As the parents conduct heat to the baby, placing too much clothing may cause an increase in temperature, which may also increase the chance of sudden death;

-Do not use pajamas, necklaces or jewelry;

-If one of the parents has long hair, it is recommended to put it up to prevent it from falling on the baby’s face;

-Don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t take sleeping medication with your baby in case you choose this practice;

-It is not recommended that other children sleep with the baby;

-Obese parents are discouraged by specialists to sleep with the baby.


Disadvantages of the baby sleeping with the parents

The first disadvantage is the risk of one of the parents rolling and laying over the baby during sleep, causing him to choke.

As the baby grows, he begins to move more during sleep, which may result in kicks, punches and headbutts to the parents during the night, hindering sleep more than  if he were sleeping in his own crib.

The baby might fall from the bed if extra attention is not paid. Parents will need to stay in constant alert, concerned with this possibility, also impairing sleep.

The couple loses privacy and freedom to choose the time that they will sleep, since they have to be present for the baby to sleep well. It is not only due to intimacy issues. It can alsobe for not being able to decide on a determined night if they can watch a movie later that evening, for example, because the baby is not able to sleep without them being close by.

The baby becomes subjected to only sleeping if one or both parents are present. Babies can learn to sleep by themselves, but they have to be guided, and it will work much better if they do it in their own crib.


Babies can learn to sleep alone

Babies take longer to sleep and wake up during the night, they act this way because they don’t know how to do it. As we teach them the right way to breast feed and how to feed in a healthy way we also should teach them with all the love and care where and how to sleep.

And the baby that sleeps well all night stays rested and wakes up happy, alert and calm. The adequate amount of sleep will interfere in learning and even on social interaction of your baby.

Learn how to teach your baby to sleep

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