Baby’s sixth week

A sexta semana do bebê

You will fall even more in love with your baby, who now smiles when you show up, screams and raises his legs. He watches more closely what happens around him and knows how to identify the closest people, such as parents, grandparents and whoever else has contact with him.

This is the phase that makes up for the initial challenge of understanding crying, creating a routine and sleepless nights.

Keep stimulating his vision, talk, smile, make faces, he will interact with all this.


Crying frequency

The frequency of crying is likely to be less. According to a study by the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, after six weeks, babies’ crying time begins to decrease, reaching an average of one hour and ten minutes a day.

At the same time, as he perceives things more, he may be irritated by some louder noise, colic, sleep, tiredness, the need for more attention or less stimulus.

Of course, babies have different personalities and metabolisms, which makes some cry more than others, or suffer from colic a little more. But keep having a lot of love and patience for this little piece of people, which has gained weight and is starting to have those cute little folds and the well-known feet of bread, to want to kiss a lot.


Sleep routine

The baby will continue to sleep a lot throughout the day, dividing between naps and sleep at night, in which it is likely that he is starting to adapt to the bedtime routine, if you put it into practice in the first few days.

Observe if he rubs his eyes, touches his ears and looks tired. These signs demonstrate that he needs to sleep. Allow daytime naps, they will make the baby less agitated and irritated, making the night easier.

If the sleep routine has not yet been put into practice, this is the time to start. Every baby can sleep very well at night, if taught. Need help on creating a suitable environment? Talk to a baby sleep specialist.

Believe me, you will be able to schedule your nights long before you think, because your baby will learn to sleep peacefully.


Resuming your life little by little

After 6 weeks, the puerperium ends, or better known as quarantine or guard. During this period, many couples resume sexual activity. Some choose before and others prefer to wait a few more months. The important thing is that they are both comfortable with that.

Make an appointment with your obstetrician and discuss birth control methods.

The baby will start to sleep better at night helps in this decision, since the mother can start to regain the hours of sleep lost in the first weeks.

With the baby creating more predictable habits, your life can also be adapted to that. Schedule times that match your baby’s routine.


Karla Mendonça

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