Baby’s seventh week

A sétima semana do bebê

The reflexes common to babies in the first weeks give way to voluntary movements. If before the grip reflex caused the baby to shake hands and seem to hold tight, now they can grab objects for a short time, but they still have no control over that, which will happen after 4 months.

The neck is also getting much firmer and it is good to put the baby face down, when awake, to exercise this part. Even if he is already able to turn his head sideways, never leave him unsupervised, not even for an instant.

The baby distinguishes well and loves to hear the mother’s voice. The more you talk to him, the more he stimulates language. He will respond by babbling and trying to imitate sounds and gestures seen a few inches away.

The vision starts to become less blurry, and the images should become sharper over the months. For now, keep your face at a distance of 30 cm.

Mom and baby interaction is even closer. The initial insecurity of breastfeeding no longer exists, you have adjusted your comfortable position and he finds your chest more easily.

In general, he will have an increase in weight of 600 to 750 g per month, but this is only one parameter, and it can vary from baby to baby. If your baby is breastfeeding properly and gaining weight, don’t get too excited. Wait for the pediatrician to give the clinical opinion before wanting to give up breastfeeding and think that it is necessary to introduce formulas and other supplements. Breast milk is the most complete food for babies and should be kept exclusively until 6 months.



The recommended hours of sleep for babies are from 4 pm to 6 pm daily. Gradually, you get a routine right and it is easier to set certain times.

The standardization of bedtime habits is proving to be effective. In the coming months, he is likely to start showing that he understands what is happening and what he should do at those times.



They are still the villains of your baby, who has an immature digestive system, for now. If they happen more intensely, try to eliminate certain foods that you eat and observe how the baby reacts. In addition to consulting the pediatrician for more detailed examinations.

Follow the procedures to try to relieve the pain, warming your tummy and massaging



One technique that will help not only relieve cramps, but relax your baby is shantala. A special massage with many benefits for the baby and the bond between you.

An ideal time to do it is before bed. To do this, go to a warmer place, take the baby’s clothes off, being able to stay in diapers and massage your feet, legs, belly, chest, hands, fingers, head.

However, try not to do it when he is hungry or very agitated.


Karla Mendonça

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