Baby’s fifth week

A quinta semana do bebê

Congratulations! Your baby is 5 weeks old, which means that he has completed 1 month of life and is no longer a newborn. Despite some mishaps along the way, you are doing very well and understanding each other.

The baby produces sounds and interacts more with stimuli, such as his voice, accompanies the movement of objects, reacts to the bath and can respond with the so-called social smile, which leaves moms, dads, grandmothers and uncles delighted.

As it is still developing, the vision is blurred and needs to be trained with colors and actions, mobiles are an option, talking to him is even better.

The head is firmer, although it still needs support and attention. He is able to turn sideways and, when facedown, can lift it for a short time.


Games, activities and tours

The baby of 1 month continues to sleep a good part of the day, however, during the periods he is awake, it is possible to start some activities, which will assist in his development.

Use colorful, noisy objects, not too loud to scare the baby, but that attract his attention. Rattles are an interesting example.

Smile, sing and dance with him on your lap. Put on some soft music and supporting his neck make light movements. He already recognizes you and the sound of your voice, this activity will calm you down and increase the bond between you.

Music is very good for the baby, so let it play, recommended for up to 4 hours a day.

When walking with the baby, avoid closed places with a large crowd, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and cinemas.



The baby’s sleep remains his main activity, with the advantage that he starts to get used to the routine. Keep the difference between moving the house during daytime naps and bedtime at night.

In order for him to continue this learning, do not drastically change habits, such as avoiding the common noises of the day. The baby will notice when night comes, as everything is calmer, quieter and darker.

At nighttime sleep, dim or turn off the lights, encouraging the metabolism of melatonin, the sleep hormone, making the body understand when it should sleep the longest.

Those first few weeks may have been more difficult when it comes to sleep, but if you keep teaching the baby, the next few weeks will be better.



After the milk has become mature, nothing will change until 6 months. The baby should feed about 600 ml a day. If your baby needed to take formula, follow the pediatrician’s instructions and the information on the product can.

The recommendation is to let him empty one breast first, to offer the other. Relax and leave his time.



Care for mom

The puerperium is at the end and you can now practice light exercises. Do not rush to get back to the rhythm you had before you had the baby, heavy exercise can impair milk production, in addition to forcing you if the delivery was a cesarean, which the body needs 6 months to recover.

Focus your attention on baby care and well-being. Don’t worry about losing weight, many mothers manage to lose even more than they gained from pregnancy during breastfeeding.

Enjoy all the moments you can with the development of your little baby, because they pass very quickly.


Karla Mendonça

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