The child of 2 years and 11 months

A criança de 2 anos e 11 meses

How are the preparations going to celebrate your child’s third year of life? This is probably more exciting this time because he gets involved in choosing some things like the theme of the party or deciding what he wants to win or make special.

Even though it seems to be easier to do everything on your own, letting him participate not only promotes moments between you, but makes him feel useful and feel the party more. Let him get carried away with every step you take, even if the party is hosted by a contractor.

Whatever type of party you are deciding to have, it does not change the fact that your child is smarter and shows it in everything he does. Actions, speech, in short, demonstrate progress in development and how much he can learn.

In addition to thinking about how the celebration will be, focus on your child’s achievements and needs. Your participation in his life is extremely important. Time has passed so fast, it will continue at this pace and it will not stop. Enjoy the best you can.


Stimuli and Games

Pretending to play is an ideal game that children will love for a long time. Tie a red fabric and be a superhero. Stack pillows and make a fort. Your son is a little heavier, but try to lift him up and pretend that he now flies.

Want an activity that has to do with partying? Roll brigadeiros. Even if it is not directly for the party, it will be very fun, and tasty. You can follow other recipes and create a picnic or simulate a family party. If you want to wait to give him the candy, there are vegan and more natural recipes for brigadeiros.

Do you know what is the best stimulus for your child? Play. During the childhood phase, there is no incentive to bring a more satisfactory result than learning while playing. So play around as often as possible.

Reading books now has another meaning. It is too early for him to learn to read, but he can recognize some letters and increase his vocabulary. One suggestion is to interpret the story with voices and sounds.

If he already knows how to ride the tricycle, it is good to start his experience with a bicycle. There are small models, with wheels, that help in the balance until he feels safe to try without them. This may take longer, a year or two.



Some mothers choose to release sweets after their first birthday. Others, only do this from the age of 3 or, in this case, just before completing. Regardless of what your choice was, it is important to control your intake of sweets and allow only small amounts.

You will have to be firm when he asks for a lollipop or a packet of cookies. Excessive use of sugar is just as harmful as tobacco, as well as causing cavities and diseases like diabetes.

The recommended is to offer the natural sugars present in the fruits and try to serve the juices without sugar. Leave to offer appetizing treats on special occasions.



With rare exceptions, in this phase, the child already sleeps alone in the room, has already made the transition to bed and hardly wakes up at night. The whole process of maintaining a sleep routine is satisfactory and you can sleep peacefully knowing that your child has learned to sleep.

There will be certain situations, such as health problems, nightmares or changing the place where she sleeps, which can influence, but little by little they are resolved with a lot of love and parental participation.


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