The child of 2 years and 2 months

A criança de 2 anos e 1 mês

Looking at his son, just over 2 years old, playing around the house, he even misses that fragile and helpless little baby, who slept a lot in a crib much bigger than him.

How he grew up, didn’t he? How many achievements you have achieved, how much you have learned. It is incredible that before he could only communicate crying, and now he knows how to express himself, in a unique way, but he makes himself understood.

Gradually, the diaper becomes uncomfortable and the unfolding is successful. If this has not yet happened, continue to encourage trips to the bathroom and teach how to do it, it should probably take a few more months.

Record every moment, with all the changes and jokes your child makes. It can be a simple notebook, like a diary, a photo album, a blog, a vlog, a virtual diary. Later, he will like to know these stories and see himself in the photos.

With all the changes so far, there is still a lot to live on. The 2-year period is a milestone in development. From now on, you will see a lot of progress. Do your best to participate in all of them. Whenever possible, create those moments together.

Stimuli and Games

Talking to the child is cute. The words come out a little deranged, conjunctions and some letters are missing. Keep talking as if, in a way, she is an adult. Use correct phrases and phrases.

Another tip to help defrost, is to try to leave the child without for a period of the day. Buy panties or underwear and show that she can look just like Mom and Dad. Remember to stay calm in case it still doesn’t work.

Show that there are different ways to play with certain toys, especially strollers, building blocks and dolls. Stimulate the imagination. Create a scenario with pillows, sheets or improvise a story with the toys themselves.

Explore the yard or square close to home. A magnifying glass can be a tool for a long time watching ants, leaves, flowers and other elements. Ask the names of those she knows and show new ones.

Musical instruments, even toy ones, are beneficial to the child’s development in many ways, including attention. If you want to improvise, shoe boxes, cans or pots are perfect.

Food: giving treats

Especially the father and grandparents are anxious to be able to give the child a candy or other treat. Many wait for the first birthday, for the famous Smash the Cake, others prefer to wait for 2 years and some go even further.

As difficult as it is to keep sweets, snacks and other treats away from the child’s menu, the longer he stops trying certain foods, the more he learns to recognize natural flavors.

In addition, avoiding ingestion reduces a child’s likelihood of developing problems such as obesity, cavities and diseases such as diabetes. Encourage fruit jam, have tomatoes and carrots as snacks.

If you want to release a small amount, do it during birthday or family parties. During the child’s daily life, make substitutions. She will have a more refined palate and a lot more health.

Sleep: Night Terror and Nightmares

The many activities during the day, leave the child more tired and nightmares and the feared night terror can happen. The former being more common than the latter.

Nightmares are due to an experience of stress or an image that has made the child afraid. This can disrupt bedtime and make the sleep routine more complicated.

To help your child get through this phase, make him feel safe whenever it happens. If during the night, he wakes up crying or calling for you, go to the room and stay close, lying next to him is better, and calm him down.

The best way to reduce these nightmares is to continue following the sleep routine first. Try to create situations that calm the child in relation to fears. A transition object like a stuffed animal or a blanket helps.


Karla Mendonça

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