39 weeks pregnant


Your baby is ready to be born. All perfect organs and functions. The strength of the lungs will be tested when he is born and gives that first cry. This final stretch is just for him to accumulate fat and gain more layers of skin.

Even if everything is favorable for delivery, there is always an error in the expected delivery date and it may take another week or two for him to be born.

The fetal position is defined and will decide the type of delivery. The so-called delivery position, in which his head is embedded in the mother’s pelvis, is favorable for normal birth. Seated or crossed, better perform a cesarean.

Whatever the delivery is, the important thing is that now you really only need to wait. If you can relax, it is more advisable than being stressed thinking about how the delivery will be. Just let nature follow. Everything will be just fine!


Baby development

He or she is a big baby of 50 to 54 cm and 2.5 kg to 4 kg. Boys are usually bigger than girls. This size also differs depending on the parents’ genetics, so it is quite acceptable if you or the father is big, your baby is born with more than 3 kg, for example.

When he is born, you will see that he has very long nails on his hands and feet. It is interesting to learn how to cut your baby’s nail, because motherhood does not do that.


What happens to mom

Your body feels the weight and anxiety because of the proximity of the baby’s arrival. Doubts and fears fill your mind. Will everything be okay? Will I be a good mother? It is completely normal to go through this, but don’t charge yourself.

Also don’t compare yourself to other women. You, your pregnancy and your baby are unique. Be open to opinions, suggestions and stories of childbirth and baby care. In the end it is you who will go through this experience.

The changes in your body are temporary. You may have difficulty getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but don’t think about it now, or keep charging yourself. The focus now is on taking care of the baby and you.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Research the best ways to get to the maternity hospital. Leave the bags ready and in strategic places, in case you need to leave urgently. Don’t forget the baby seat. It is good to leave in the car mounted, even if the baby will not leave the hospital until three or five days later.

Take another look at your list and check it out to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. The main part is the hospital documents, yours and the clothes for you and the baby. If the maternity hospital is far from your home, it becomes more difficult to return to get what you forgot.

Do relaxation techniques to stay calm until delivery. Take a deep breath, now your lungs are not compressed and continue to eat properly.


How to recognize that it’s time for childbirth

Between this and the next week, you should pay attention to the following signs that happen during labor:

– uterine contractions

They must be regular and follow a time pattern. Have a watch or timer on hand and count the intervals between contractions.

– rupture of the amniotic sac

Many believe that breaking the bag is a sign to run to the hospital before the baby falls to the floor. In fact, this happens to about 25% of women, and labor should take place within 24 hours.

– mucous plug

A brownish or bloody mucus secretion is the mucus plug. This sign is a warning, but many women can experience it and take up to a week to go into labor.


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