38 weeks pregnant


38 weeks! Your baby can be born from that week without any problem. The lungs and brain, which were developing a few weeks ago, are already working very well.

Since there is a margin of error about the expected date of delivery, it may take another two weeks. So, take this time to stand with your feet up, read a book, watch a movie or a series, because after he is born, it will be difficult.

Before stressing about how the delivery will be, make sure that you have prepared everything in advance. He decided which maternity hospital will be, if his obstetrician is available in the coming weeks to deliver his baby or if he will have a hospital doctor.

Did you look at every detail? Did you ask Dad for help? So, sit back and relax. Try taking naps or maybe meditating. Talk to your baby about what awaits you outside and how happy you are about it.


Baby development

Following a parameter, your baby is 49.8 and weighs about 3 kg, these measurements may vary slightly, depending on the baby’s genetics and how it was feeding.

He must be in the so-called surrender position, when the head fits your pelvis, arms and legs shrink. It may happen that he stays in another position, so the most recommended delivery is cesarean section.

As it grows, the space of the uterus becomes smaller and it moves less, but it is possible to feel the movements and even notice a little hand or foot. If it doesn’t, tell the doctor.


What happens to mom

You really can’t wait for your baby to be born and all that weight and other symptoms to end. It is a completely normal feeling, after all pregnancy demands a lot from your body. Don’t feel guilty about wanting everything to end soon.

Back and pelvis pains are another justification for thinking about it. Swelling, especially in the feet, constipation and other symptoms. Only those who have been there understand these emotions and sensations.

Be aware of the signs that differentiate contractions at the time of delivery from Braxton Hicks contractions, which are irregular and felt in various parts of the body. Actual contractions spread below the uterus, lower back and pelvis and are more regular.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Take a moment to take care of your hair, do your nails and be prepared to go to the maternity hospital. After all, you want to look good in the photos, even a little bloated.

One accessory for your baby that needs to be provided is the car seat. Ask your husband to see this, wrap him up with the preparations as much as possible, he will feel closer to the baby and you too.

Before birth, the couple can have a romantic dinner or watch a movie together, it is good to do that now, because when the baby is born it will take a few months for you to have time alone again.

Take advantage of these past weeks to receive pampering and attention just for you. When your baby arrives, visits will be more for him, at least in the beginning.

Talk to your doctor if all tests have been done. Have you had a strep test? It is an important exam for your baby’s health.


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