37 weeks pregnant


From that week on, if your baby is born, it is considered at term or within expected. However, there is a margin of error in counting the expected delivery date (PPD), which reduces gestational age by two weeks.

Therefore, scheduling the delivery for this week ends up being a risk for the baby, who may have immature lungs and may have breathing problems. If you chose to have a cesarean, it is advisable to wait until the 39th week. And there is so little left, right?

Having a few more weeks can be interesting to finish tidying up the room, finish organizing some clothes or, if you haven’t stopped working, finish a project and don’t leave it pending until after you return. If you have nothing else, relax.

The most important thing is that when the time comes, what your baby knows very well, both are healthy and prepared to face the challenges of the mother and child relationship together.


Baby development

He’s focused on putting on weight. It even grows, but much less compared to previous weeks. It is likely that, depending on the difference in the DPP count, the lungs need more maturation, which he has been working hard on, while training his breathing with amniotic fluid.

It is approximately 48 cm and weighs about 2.8 kg. With the reduced space in the uterus, it moves less and sleeps a lot. Just waiting and putting on weight to be born strong. By the end of the week, he should gain 200 grams of fat a day.

The baby prepares to be born, remaining in the likely position it will have at the time of delivery. Inside, he receives antibodies through the umbilical cord. Senses, hearing and vision, continue to be improved, although vision will only be improved a few months after birth.

Lanugo and caseous vernix are swallowed and form meconium, which later becomes the baby’s first stool. The fat accumulated in the skin forms the newborn folds, which everyone loves.


What happens to mom

Her body is in pain, in her back and pelvic area, from the baby’s weight and compression. On the other hand, the lungs and stomach are no longer being pressed and breathing and eating become easier.

The expectation of childbirth, nervousness and anxiety make bedtime more complicated. Perhaps you have confused and intense dreams. However, if you did prenatal care, followed medical recommendations and maintained healthy habits, there is nothing to worry about.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Consultations with the doctor are more frequent. It will assess the consistency and position of the cervix, as well as whether there is dilation. Some women begin to dilate weeks before birth.

Separate all the necessary documents in a folder and put in the bag where your maternity things are. Ah, leave this and the other bags, for the baby and the companion, in a strategic place, near the door or even in the trunk of the car.

Watch for signs of childbirth, they can be confused with Braxton Hicks contractions or the weight of the baby’s head. Talk to your obstetrician and don’t be nervous if the time really comes.

Anxiety and stomach decompression lead to increased appetite. Be careful not to overdo it, especially with salt, which causes more swelling and increases the risk of eclampsia. It is best to keep the way you have been eating throughout your pregnancy.

It is more difficult to exercise, but you can have relaxation sessions. Take at least an hour of your day to listen to music or just relax.


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