35 weeks pregnant


Last week of the 8th month of pregnancy. The last exams and details must be done until the baby arrives. Which, by the way, can happen at any time, so resolve all pending things now.

Some women are already away from work. Others want to leave all the time on maternity leave to enjoy the baby. This decision depends on how you are feeling, because the belly weighs a lot.

Anxiety is increasing every day. Just like your belly. In 4 or 5 weeks your baby arrives and a new stage of his life begins to happen.

Do you know how your baby is doing this week and what do you do to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of this end of trimester? Keep reading.


Baby development

All organs are complete, except for the lungs, which continue to develop until birth. However, if he is born that week, he can live without medical interference.

From head to toe, it measures 45 cm and its weight should be between 2.5 kg to 2.6 kg. As these last weeks are geared to the baby to put on weight, they will still gain more fat and mass and weigh just over 3 kg. Some even weigh more.

The reddish skin, full of blood vessels, is pink and full of fat. He’s already that cute little baby, ready to be hugged and loved.

The vernix, a layer of fat that protects the baby and helps at birth, covers the entire body. The wall of the uterus and abdomen become thinner, allowing the passage of light and the baby begins to define activities during the day, no longer being guided only by its movement.

If he has not yet positioned himself for birth, those weeks are crucial for that to happen. His position defines the type of delivery, with the head position, when the baby’s head is attached to the pubis, the most favorable for normal delivery.


What happens to mom

It is not just anxiety that takes away your nights sleep. The discomfort due to the belly and shortness of breath, resulting from the compression of the lungs by the baby have been very relevant at this time.

The feeling of a hard stomach is the contractions of Braxton Hicks, completely normal. Watch for more severe pain, oozing of amniotic fluid. If they do, contact your doctor.

Gradually, the baby starts to push the uterus down, which should reduce this compression. Back pain and pelvic pain continue for the next few weeks. A warm shower is a good helper to relax.

Fatigue and weight make it difficult to walk. Without realizing it, your walk is characteristic of a pregnant woman, the duck or goose walk. With swollen legs and feet, what you really want is to lie down and rest a lot of the time.

Your uterus is 35 centimeters and compresses your bladder, which takes those coming and going from the bathroom to pee. As annoying as that is, be sure to drink plenty of water and do not hold for too long.


Care that should be taken at this stage

That week, until week 37, the doctor should order an exam for type B streptococcus. This bacteria stays in the woman’s vaginal area without causing problems for her, but after birth, it can cause an infection to the baby.

If it turns out to be positive, don’t panic. Antibiotic treatment in the vein before the baby is born. The remedy must be given when labor occurs, four hours before the baby is born. For more rushed babies, treatment is done by giving the antibiotic to him, who is under observation in the Neonatal ICU for a short period.

Continue your routine of eating properly, exercising as much as possible and drinking plenty of fluids. Bet on foods that replenish your body’s calcium, iron and vitamin C stores, protecting you from diseases like anemia, flu and osteoporosis and strengthening your baby.

If you’re still working, don’t try too hard, try to stay away from stressful situations. Remember that there is little time left. If it is more difficult, ask about the possibility of leaving early.


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