29 weeks pregnant


It is impossible to hide that you are pregnant. The belly of 29 weeks or almost 8 months is very large and even with very loose clothes, she reports her condition until the next 10 weeks, maybe less.

If your baby is born before the scheduled date, which is considered premature until the 37th week, it has a 90% chance of being born without sequelae, which makes you feel more relaxed about it, but it is more recommended that he complete the cycle.

The baby’s responses to stimuli are so intense that their ties to him become more connected than the umbilical cord. Even if you need a few more weeks for him to be born, you already talk to him and, during the night, sing for him to sleep.

Do you want to know how big your baby is this week, what happens to you and how to better deal with these symptoms? So, keep reading


Baby development

From the head to the feet, your baby is 38 cm, which can be a little more or less, because the legs are not fully stretched. His weight will increase more in the coming weeks. Now, he is approximately 1.3 kg.

The head, which was previously larger than the body is proportional and the central nervous system is formed. The brain controls body temperature and breathing.

The lungs work very well and mature. The respiratory rate is ready to be independent after birth. For now, the placenta does the work of breathing.

The bones are more rigid and he will start to position himself to fit, a position that will remain until birth. Sometimes the baby sits, which will require an interaction from the doctor or the scheduling of a cesarean.


What happens to mom

The typical symptoms of the third trimester will intensify until the end. Back pain increases and cramps either appear or become stronger.

The disposition of the second trimester is giving way to fatigue due to the weight of both the baby and yours, and other sensations now. If you have the impression that this quarter is the longest and has no end, calm down.

The problem with circulation is also one of the complaints of pregnant women. The tingling of the legs and arms after sitting or lying on the arm for a while is part of this phase.

The skin becomes more dry and the constant growth of the uterus and belly increases the incidence of stretch marks. You feel more swollen, you actually are, especially your feet and shoes don’t go in so easily.

Some women already produce colostrum, a whitish liquid that will serve as the baby’s first food. Examination of the breasts is important to assess whether there are any abnormalities.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Rest whenever possible. Preferably, place your feet on a higher ground to help with circulation and reduce swelling. In fact, with all your body activity, it is normal to feel very thirsty. Be sure to drink water, even beyond your thirst, to stay hydrated.

Fibers are also your allies against constipation. Healthier foods help you feel better, prevent further weight gain and reduce many of the symptoms and prevent problems such as anemia and other diseases.

Massages, when done correctly and warm baths in the shower, not immersion, are perfect to ease body aches. Take advantage of this moment to relax your mind as well. Put on a quieter song and meditate for a few minutes.


Baby blues

Emotions in pregnancy are actually more intensified. Ignoring symptoms such as excessive sadness, discouragement and easy crying and not seeking specialized help, can trigger postpartum depression, which will harm your health and that of your baby.

If you are unwilling to continue with the pregnancy or continue organizing things for your baby’s arrival, don’t blame yourself, and talk to your doctor and also your partner about your feelings.


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