28 weeks pregnant


From the 28th week, there are more apparent changes in your body than in the baby. With all organs and limbs formed, he now maintains his growth rate, at around 100 grams per week.

While fixing the trousseau, you will be dating every little outfit and decoration item, chosen with great love. The expectation of knowing how he or she will look in that particular outfit increases more. By the way, have you decided which clothes your baby will leave the maternity hospital with?

One suggestion is to get everything ready now, because if there is a risk of premature birth, you are ready. Even if your baby remains in the womb until the expected date, and some even stay a little longer, organizing in advance helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness.

If you want to know what changes are happening to your baby and you this week and more about your pregnancy, keep reading.


Baby development

Your baby is 37 cm, measuring from head to heel, or 32 cm, if the measurement is to the bottom and weighs about 1.1 kg. Very different since you knew you were pregnant.

As it will continue to grow, the space becomes smaller and the kicks and shoves are stronger. Sometimes you will feel a greater sting. If you notice that he is very agitated, cuddle in the barria and sing a song to calm him down.

As the weeks go by, he runs out of space for so many movements and you won’t feel as often. During the prenatal consultation, when you hear your baby’s heartbeat, you are soon reassured that he moves less.

Brain activity intensifies and he already has cells responsive to stimuli. The eyes open and the color that he will have at birth is already defined, but the final color will only appear a while after birth.

Sleep and wake times are defined, but they are not the same after he is born. While in the womb, it sleeps as you move and when it stops, it wakes up.

This pattern can be changed simply and steadily after birth, creating a sleep routine, which will be followed for many months. So don’t worry about it now.


What happens to mom

The uterus, which is 9 cm above the navel, and consequently the belly grows. Stretch marks tend to appear on the belly, breasts, hips and butt.

Even without realizing it, you start that typical pregnant woman walk, the duck walk. It is one of the symptoms of the third trimester, or abdomen-pelvic syndrome, which causes pain above the pubis, lower back and muscle pain.

The stomach and intestine move. The digestive system slows down. The feet, legs, ankles and hands swell. The weight of the belly, associated with difficulty in breathing and the delay in sleeping result in tiredness.


Care that should be taken at this stage

The orientation to be reinforced in the third trimester is the hydration of the body, both internally and externally. The use of body moisturizers suitable for pregnant women and a greater intake of liquids, preferably water, avoid stretch marks and help in the proper functioning of the digestive and urinary systems.

The doctor will order new blood, urine and stool tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea tests. For high-risk pregnancies, specific tests for gestational diabetes are also performed.

The importance of proper nutrition remains a special care in pregnancy, which for many is synonymous with being able to eat what and how much they want. In addition to avoiding excessive weight gain, which are bad for you, they also interfere with your baby’s development.


Lack of balance in pregnancy

You must realize that you are more clumsy and awkward. A normal reaction in an organism that is carrying extra weight, producing new hormones and others in excess and needing to adapt to all changes.

This balance center improves soon after delivery. For now, it is good to pay more attention to avoid falls, which, depending on the intensity, may present risks to the baby.

Be careful when climbing stairs or walking on uneven sidewalks or on slippery floors. If the lack of balance is accompanied by dizziness, headaches, muscle pain and blurred vision, discuss with your doctor.


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