27 weeks pregnant


The beginning of this week coincides with the beginning of the third quarter. The last three months of your pregnancy. Now, the countdown is counted down to the expected date of delivery, and may even happen prematurely.

If you’ve been programming for the past few weeks, chances are that just like your baby’s development, there are only a few details missing for his arrival. However, do not despair if you have not managed to prepare all things, there are still 13 weeks to go.

Make a list of what’s missing, ask for help if needed, you don’t have to be a super woman. Take time out of your busy day to enjoy your belly a little and relax.

For example, you can put your feet up while reading this text about your baby’s growth stages, what your life should be like now and other curiosities about the 27th week of pregnancy.


Baby development

Your baby is still very thin, because the skin does not yet have the necessary layer of fat. Over the weeks, this will adjust, and when the time comes, it should have an average of 3 kg.

Now, his approximate size is between 36 cm to 38 cm and his weight has doubled since the last 15 weeks, reaching 1 kg or a little more. If there is a premature birth, the chances of a healthy baby without sequelae is 85%

All brain functions are active. He opens and closes his eyes and moves around a lot. The space inside the uterus still allows it to turn on all sides.

He has more regular sleep intervals and is believed to dream. As you move around during the day, the baby ends up being lulled and sleeping more during this period, so it moves more at night, which is not a rule.


What happens to mom

You should be having a harder time breathing. It is your lungs that have limited space to expand due to the growth of the uterus, which is 8 cm above the navel.

Stretching of the skin on the belly causes itching and stretch marks should appear. Clothes are less and less fit and some pants and blouses are uncomfortable, especially in the belly area.

The feeling of heat is greater, causing excessive sweating, even if the weather is not too hot. It is the blood flow and the hormones working hard.

Varicose veins, bloating, constipation, back pain, pain in the lower abdomen and cramps are some of the symptoms reported by women who have gone through the same moment as you. As each woman is unique, the intensity and frequency of these symptoms can be differentiated for you. Enjoy your pregnancy.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Don’t want to do everything yourself. Don’t take weight or push yourself beyond your limit. Ask for help from other people, including Dad. Whenever he is available, encourage his participation in preparations for the baby’s arrival. It’s the best way for him to get involved.

Keep eating healthy, trying to reduce salt and sugar and eating foods that guarantee the nutrients you and your baby need. Nothing prevents you from eating something more caloric every now and then, but most of the time, prefer fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole foods.

If you have already discussed maternity leave with your boss or the HR department of the company where you work, ask again what roles need to be filled out.

Have you already planned the time you will be away from work and what will you do when you return? Now would be a good time to do that. Likewise, provide the bag you are going to take to the maternity hospital, both the baby’s and yours.

Check your to-do list and see what still needs to be done. Try to do everything calmly and avoid stressful situations, which only harm your health and increase the likelihood of a premature birth.


Vaccines in pregnancy

Have you ever had the flu vaccine? In addition to this, there are other important vaccines for pregnant women:

– Triple bacterial or dTpa, indicated to be taken between the 27th and 36th weeks. Protects newborns against tetanus and whooping cough

– Hepatitis B, made in three doses, the doctor must have ordered in the second trimester.

– Yellow fever, talk to your obstetrician about the risks.


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