23 weeks pregnant


This week is the time to choose the best songs and set aside time for your baby to listen with you, preferably accompanied by the father. With more developed hearing, your baby listens to external sounds and interacts with stimuli.

The final stretch of the second trimester, or the proximity of the 6th month of pregnancy, creates an even greater bond between you, who see your belly growing, with the baby, who begins to have autonomy of movements and senses.

Reflexes, movements and sensations basically characterize pregnancy from the 23rd week. There is very little left for your baby to be born. Enjoy each stage a lot, enjoy the treats and take care.

While the day of birth does not arrive, find out a little more about how your baby is this week, the changes in your body, the points where you need to pay attention and some examples of exercises during pregnancy.


Baby development

Measuring from top to toe, your baby is between 28 cm to 30 cm and weighs between 450 g to 500 g. It is focused on growing. With it growing and the muscles firmer, all the movement inside the uterus can be noticed by other people. It’s time for Dad to also feel the baby a little.

Auditory stimuli are still welcome, but more serious sounds such as the sound of a motorcycle or the barking of a dog startle the baby. The good part is that he knows your voice and learns to calm down when he hears it.

The senses are more refined, but will develop better after birth, while the baby explores the world outside. For now, he improves coordination and has the suction reflex, managing to suck his thumb.

The many blood vessels and the fact that it is immersed in ½ liter of amniotic fluid causes the skin to be wrinkled and reddish in appearance. This condition is the same for all babies, who only have a defined skin color 12 months after delivery.


What happens to mom

And the belly grows too. The uterus is located about 4 cm above the navel and, when measured, is between 20 cm to 24 cm, increasing about 1 cm per week. This means that by the end of gestation it will be about 40 cm.

The increase in uterus and blood flow and the many hormonal changes continue to cause swelling in the legs and feet, more urge to urinate, low back pain, pelvic pain and headaches. If the pain is very severe, consult your doctor. Never take any medication on your own.

Your appetite is higher. Likewise, you are more thirsty. The feeling of warmth makes you walk in cooler clothes, even if the weather is cold. These sensations are normal, you only need to pay attention to certain precautions to make them less uncomfortable.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Swelling and headaches can be the result of dehydration.

Always staying hydrated can help. Give preference to mineral water or sugar-free liquids, sweeteners and preservatives. Avoid sodas, coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Unsweetened natural juices and coconut water are a good option.

Healthy eating, with a balanced amount of fruits, vegetables, meats is important at all times in our life. During pregnancy, in addition to promoting the best nutrients for the baby, it helps in an ideal weight gain and reduces many symptoms.

Eating foods rich in omega 3, iron, calcium and vitamin C have benefits for your body and your baby’s development. Fish, oats, milk and dairy products, dark leaves and citrus fruits are some examples. Be careful with the preparation and origin of the food.


Exercises for pregnant women

With the exception of women with high-risk pregnancies or who have a physical problem, exercise for pregnant women is advised and has many benefits.

However, as the joints are looser due to the hormone relaxin, which causes the hip to widen at birth, low-impact modalities are more suitable. Especially for women who are not in the habit of practicing frequently.

Among the most recommended is walking, 20 to 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times a week; weight training, with restriction to activities that force the belly; water aerobics, low impact, 1 hour 2 to 3 times a week; yoga, strengthens the muscles, 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week; stretching, which helps to reduce pain; some dances are allowed. Talk to your doctor about which activity is right for you.


Revelation tea

The baby shower made room for the revelation tea, where parents find out the sex of the baby. Ask a relative or friend or friend closest to the couple to get the ultrasound result.

There are many ideas of games around the internet. Companies specializing in party decoration offer packages according to the number of guests. Choose the alternative that has the most to do with you and make disclosing your baby’s gender a reason to celebrate.


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