18 weeks pregnant


You are almost halfway through your pregnancy. Two more weeks and you can tell everyone that you are in the 5th month, even if doctors prefer not to calculate it that way.

With each visit, you feel more like a mother, seeing how your belly has grown. And the emotion increases whenever you hear your baby’s racing heart, either in the office or even at home, if you have a device for that.

The baby’s sex can already be seen, but probably the next ultrasound will be scheduled from the 20th week, so keep your calm and that of the whole family.

Keep taking care of yourself, eating properly and following medical recommendations, that time passes very quickly and soon your baby will be on your lap.

In the meantime, enjoy the 18th week of your pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing, what must be happening to you and other curiosities about pregnancy.


Baby development

With a little heart that beats twice as fast as yours, the baby is now between 12 cm to 15 cm and weighs between 150 g to 160 g, and can vary to one more or less, depending on factors such as genetics, among others.

The auditory system is developing and he can hear sounds inside his body, such as his heartbeat. The movements intensify and accelerated ossification takes place. Soon, you can feel this movement, if you haven’t already.

The lungs are exercising, with chest movements to develop the muscles and simulate what it will be like to breathe on your own. For now, the placenta is responsible for providing oxygen to the baby.

The intestine is also developing and begins the formation of the first feces, called meconium, which will be expelled after delivery, when the first diaper change occurs.

If your baby is a girl, uterus and tubes are formed. If it is a boy, during the imaging exam, it is likely to see the genitals well, if the baby is in a favorable position.


What happens to mom

Your weight is increasing. The forecast for this week is that you have 4.5 kg to 6 kg of weight gain. If you have earned much above that, or below, the doctor will assess your health and body type and indicate what is best for you and your baby.

The swelling remains, especially in the feet and hands. You may feel a little dizzy when you get up, called postural hypotension, you need to watch out for fainting and falling.

A clear or whitish, odorless and slightly thick vaginal discharge may occur. Talk to your doctor if there is a bad smell or greenish color for emergency treatment of the problem.


Care that should be taken at this stage

Most likely, your hunger and desire for many foods is increased. Before leaving devouring walls with dulce de leche, one must pay attention to the quality of their food. High calorie and fatty foods will not only make you fatter, but cause other symptoms like heartburn and bloating.

Stay hydrated, giving preference to water, precisely because it is not caloric and because of the countless benefits it brings to the body. Of course, natural fruit juices are welcome, but try not to add sugar and avoid sweeteners.

Hiking outdoors is great, especially if it’s a sunny day. That way, you take the opportunity to exercise and guarantee an extra source of vitamin D. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen, to avoid unwanted stains.


Pain in the lower abdomen

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible moments in a woman’s life. However, the many hormonal changes and changes in the body are accompanied by certain discomforts such as initial nausea and some pain in the body.

One of the occurrences from the 18th week onwards is cramps or called pain in the lower abdomen. Although very uncomfortable, it is normal because of the growth and stretching of the uterus, pulling the ligaments.


Games and sympathies to discover the sex of the baby

Of course, these are just fun ways to try to guess what the baby’s gender is, until it is confirmed in an exam. Most of them end up going wrong in the end, anyway, it’s worth even to contain anxiety.

– Tie a strand of your hair to the ring and secure it over your belly. If you swing in a straight line, you’re a boy. If you make circular movements, girl.

– Chinese table. The internet is full of images of a table where you should cross the month of the baby’s conception with your age and see if the square is blue or pink.

– Add the age of the father and mother and subtract 1. Even number suggests a boy. Odd, girl.

– The latter must be done with the help of a friend. In the first, a fork and spoon are placed separately under cushions. Then, without knowing it, you sit in one of them, if you choose the spoon, girl and the fork, boy.

There is also a bet on the shape of the belly, the hole in the chin, when the mother gets sick during pregnancy, either sweet or salty and even one that mixes cabbage, hot water and pee.


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