15 weeks pregnant


The expectation of knowing the sex of the baby is greater from the 15th week, but depending on the position of the baby this will only be possible between the 17th and 20th weeks, even extending to the next.

Her pregnancy is in the second trimester and both the changes in the baby and her body are becoming more apparent. Increasingly, you and everyone around you begin to notice changes in your body.

However, as a woman’s body is unique, some women may not demonstrate externally that they are pregnant. Don’t be worried if this is your case, soon you will be able to proudly display your beautiful belly.

Another expected sensation that can happen now is to feel the baby’s movements. They are still very subtle crackles, which will become stronger and more visible over time. If you don’t feel it yet, it’s normal, in the coming weeks you will also have that feeling.

Keep reading and learn a little more about what is happening with your baby inside the womb and with you, outside.


Baby development

You could literally hold your baby in the palm of your hand. That’s because it is between 9 and 11 cm, weighs between 50 and 70 g and is fully formed and in full activity.

The legs are longer and the joints work. As it has a lot of space, it moves from side to side. During the consultation, the doctor may say that your baby is running away from the ultrasound, because that is what it looks like.

Because he swallows amniotic fluid, he must sob a few times, which is quite normal. The fingers are formed and you can witness that cute scene of the baby sucking his thumb.

The lanugo, fluff that protects the baby’s sensitive skin, which is immersed in the amniotic fluid, forms and will remain until birth. In some situations, they stay longer and then fall.

He is sensitive to light and is uncomfortable if someone puts a flashlight or flash under his belly and will run away.


What happens to mom

The mood increases a little more this week and you feel much better than the previous weeks. The uterus is about 8 cm below the navel and will expand and rise further.

The belly is more apparent and a little uncomfortable to sleep. To compensate, the nails are firmer and grow faster, the skin brighter and the hair more silky and beautiful. As they say, you are beaming!

Blood flow is higher, which increases heart rate by 20%, reaching 50% by the end of pregnancy. The breasts are heavy and need attention, a bra with good support is a necessary purchase.

Fluid retention causes your feet and legs to become swollen. Some shoes do not work as well as before and if you have no options in your shoemaker, it is interesting to invest in something more comfortable and safer.


Care that should be taken at this stage

The most suitable position for lying down is on the left side. The explanation of doctors about the right side has to do with the compression of the vena cava. Greater compression decreases the blood returned to the heart, breaking the mother’s blood pressure and reducing the oxygen level for her and the baby.

Heeled shoes are wonderful, but it is better to avoid wearing the taller and thinner ones. Prefer the most comfortable and low-heeled. A palliative against falls and problems with the circulation of the legs.

Exercise is essential, with the exception of women with risky pregnancies and restricted movement. If this is not your case, take light walks, water aerobics and other low-impact activities.

Exercising reduces symptoms such as bloating, constipation and facilitates delivery. Associated with this, increase your fluid intake, preferably water and natural juices without sugar. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and coffee should be avoided.


Preparing the baby layette

Since you are more energetic and your belly is not as heavy yet, this trimester is ideal for the baby’s space, as well as going to stores to prepare the baby’s layette.

If you still do not know the sex of the baby, a tip is to choose pieces of neutral colors or bet on your intuition and good taste. Baby clothing stores have clothing options of various prices and models. It is even better to go with extra time, so you can choose more calmly and come back again, if necessary.

Who can help with which items to buy first is the hospital’s maternity ward, which provides a list of what to pack. In fact, have you already chosen where your baby is going to be?


Choose the type of delivery and where your baby will be born

The type of delivery depends a lot on the baby and the mother’s health. Sometimes, the time of delivery defines whether it will be normal or cesarean. It is best to talk to your doctor about your choice and insist on it.

Normal delivery usually has the fastest recovery and is the most appropriate, but everything is a matter of opinion and choice of the mother, who needs to feel calm when having her baby.

It’s good alreadydefine which hospital your baby will be born in. If it is private, contact the administration about values and more details. By agreement, have all the information and know the hospital’s procedure. Through SUS, the doctor will indicate the hospital where the delivery will take place.

There are women who opt for humanized childbirth, with the help of a doula. Start searching for a professional now.


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